Za Lin : a story of a girl from Mawlamyaing

When we met her, she welcomed us with her shiny smile. We met her at Maulamyaine, at the eastern part of Myanmar.

We were there for 3 days for our recruitment from rural area, and she was the first one we employed. We went to the support group of HIV at maulamyaine to explain about HerBEST, what is our mission and vision, because we thought may be we could be a god partner in the future.

Thu Za Lin was a girl working as the volunteer at that group since last year. She herself was also a victim of domestic violence from her husband, and form her experience, she was interested in supporting women. That is why she was there.

About one hour talking there, she asked us if it is ok if she come to HerBEST.
Our answer was totally yes. We just fell in love with her honest brilliant smile. She was the one opened door of rural area recruitment.

After one month, she was Yangon, becoming our first staff from rural area.
For her to start new life, other staff welcomed her to house to stay for a while, to get used to HerBEST and Yangon. Now she is one of very active, powerful staff in our team.

The day she came to Yangon, we went to have dinner together. On the way to home, she told us her dream.

“One day I would like to build a home for women to get the right support for self-reliance. “

We hope she her dream come true and she will get something from our company.