Go beyond Differences: Japanese “Cleaning Spirit” in Yangon

At the soccer World Cup 2018, Japanese fans impressed the world by cleaning up the stadiums after the games. HerBest believes this “cleaning spirit” is one of the cultures Japan should be proud of.

To share this culture, in May 2017, HerBest started “Clean Yangon Green Yangon(CYGY).” CYGY is a monthly event where people from different countries come together in Yangon to clean the city by picking up trash.



HerBest will be celebrating the 30th CYGY in October 2019. People from Asia, Europe, Americas, Africa, and the local Burmese have participated in this event. In this blog post, we introduce our concept of CYGY.

The Concept of Clean Yangon Green Yangon (CYGY)


Cleaning the city can also clean one’s mind and soul. Picking up trash on the street is a small action. However, doing this action, with a group of people—b
eyond nationality, religion, and ethnicity—brings positive change to Yangon’s future. Let us make Yangon clean and green.

How is CYGY different from other cleaning events in other countries? Will cleaning once a month have any impact?

CYGY is not just about picking up trash in the city. We aim to change the image of cleaning (and housekeeping) businesses. In myanmar, cleaning is considered as dirty work which people normally should not be involved. This norm resulted Yangon becoming a city with unsanitary conditions. People from overseas voluntarily cleaning the city (with local people), we believe, change the bad image of cleaning and lead the city to become more hygiene. The number of local participants have increased over time.

Where We Are Heading


Started in May 2017 in Yangon, CYGY spreaded its idea to other parts of Myanmar. Cleaning events are now held in Mondalay, Shan, and Yangon (as of September 2019).

Cleaning will make the city a more comfortable place to live. We hope you join us. Welcome to Clean Yangon Green Yangon!

How to Join


CYGY is held from 8am to 9am on the last Saturday of every month at Yaw Min Gyi.
Wear something green (we also provide green shirts).
Nothing else to bring – we provide gloves, garbage bags, and tongs.

People from different countries and different parts of Myanmar gather. Let us clean the city together!

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