How to Find a Good Housekeeping Service in Yangon

If you have never hired a house keeping service before, finding one can be a difficult task. Here are 5 tips to consider when choosing a housekeeping service in Yangon.

Tip #1: 2 things to decide before searching for a housekeeping service

1) Your budget

Real examples of price per month:
a.A freelance housekeeper providing services only in Burmese*
1.5 – 1.8 lakh (around US$ 150; 10am – 8pm everyday on weekdays)

b.A freelance housekeeper providing services in Burmese and English
3 – 5 lakh (around US $300; 10am – 8pm everyday on weekdays)

c.A company providing services in Burmese with multi-language support in including English
US$ 150- (once a week; 3 hours on a weekday)
*To hire a freelance housekeeper, Burmese laws require for an employment agreement between the client and the housekeeper.

2) Your needs

a. What kind of service? (e.g., cleaning, laundry, and shopping)

b. How often? (e.g., once a week or all weekdays)

Tip #2: Know how to search


1) Ask someone
e.g., a real state agent, your Burmese colleague at work, or local friends

2) Search on the internet
e.g., “housekeeping services in Myanmar”

Freelance housekeepers

1) Ask someone
e.g., a real state agent, your Burmese colleague at work, or local friends

2) Recruit by posting on a Facebook group
e.g., Yangon Connection

Tip #3: See what language the housekeeper can speak

Housekeeping service minimizes your house chores. And you can concentrate on business or other activities.

However, if you can not communicate with the housekeeper, it can add burden to you. To maximize the benefits you receive from the services, choosing a housekeeper who speaks English or a company which can assist you in English can be important.

Tip #4: Check whether the housekeeper has knowledge on sanitation

Many local housekeepers have no basic knowledge of hygiene. When hiring a housekeeper, it could be useful to check he/she is trained in hygiene.

For example, it is common for a housekeeper in Myanmar not to have the knowledge about bacteria. Therefore, they tend to use the same towel for cleaning toilets and kitchen.

Tip #5: Look into insurance coverage

There is always a risk of items in hour home being damaged. Before signing a contract, make sure to check what coverage is included.