HerBEST provides housekeeping and related services.
It focuses on providing quality household services to business persons with busy, active lifestyles. From cleaning and doing laundry to shopping, cooking, and other kinds of home assistance, we aim to provide affordable and efficient support to our customers.

Our Services

Room cleaning & Tidying
Doing laundry & Ironing
Inventorying,Shopping:for your needs.
Cleaning sinks, toilets, showers, and baths & Removing mold
Shining shoes & Mending clothes
Repair acting for furnitures

No need to worry about house chores anymore

Research shows that it is common for adults to use more than 517 hours annually for domestic chores. Getting through daily household activities in Yangon can involve using even much more personal time—fighting through traffic jams just for necessary shopping and dealing with freshly washed shirts yellowed from the water, moldy bathrooms, and, for international residents, communication challenges related to language.

These are reasons why HerBEST offers services beyond housekeeping. We minimize your house chores. You can concentrate on business or other activities.

Past 17 months: more than 1792 work visits provided by our trained proffesionals

HerBEST recruits, develops, and manages its own team of professional staff, so our customers do not have to go through the hassle of finding and training domestic staff. As Myanmar’s only housekeeping and related services provider, we also do a lot more than a typical maid-referral or house cleaning service.

From cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry to shopping and maintaining an inventory of your homecare supplies and kitchen food items, we offer in-person customized consulting in order to meet your needs, all without compromising on our quality, which we aim to be luxury hotel-grade.

We hire our own staff and train them to become professional housekeepers. We believe professional development empowers local staff as Myanmar develops. We also believe such empowerment of local workers helps us to provide the best possible services to our customers and supports our customers’ endeavors.

Satisfaction guarantees and insurance

Entrusting a housekeeper with your keys and your home and its cleanliness can take a leap of faith. We work hard to build trust with all of our customers, so after each time our staff finishes work at your residence, you will find a detailed report on what tasks were completed. If something is not right, an English-speaking staff member is only a text message away so we can learn how to do better. 

In the event that you are not fully satisfied with our service, after our staff works at your residence for up to three times, we will offer you a full refund. And since HerBEST services also come with insurance of up to 100 USD for lost/damaged items, our services are practically risk-free.

Customer Comments 

When it comes to the value of HerBEST, our customers know best: 

Our Service in a Nutshell:

  • No need to make a contract with housekeepers directly
  • Ensured stable service quality every time

Pricing and Work Visits


1 visit per month
(3 hours per visit)

$50per month

  • wet area(bathrooms, kitchen, toilet)・anti fungal
  • bed making
  • Shopping for daily necessities

4 visits per month
(3 hours per visit)

$150per month

  • Room cleaning & Tidying
  • wet area(bathrooms, kitchen, toilet)・anti fungal
  • Laundry service
  • bed making
  • Shopping for daily necessities
  • Shoe polishing・Clothing repair

Cleaning tools are included in fee


8 visits per month
(2 visits per week、3 hours per visit)

$300per month

  • Room cleaning & Tidying
  • wet area(bathrooms, kitchen, toilet)・anti fungal
  • Laundry service
  • bed making
  • Shopping for daily necessities
  • Shoe polishing・Clothing repair
  • delivery of bottles for water server
  • repair acting for furnitures
  • free delivery from Japan( only actual expense needed)

Cleaning tools are included in fee

up to the completion of 2 work visits


Laundry service
$50(once a week)
Shopping for daily necessities
actual expense needed+10,000MMK
Special Cleaning( air-con/veranda etc..)
please ask us for quotation
shopping and  delivery from Japan First Time Trial

How Our Service Works


Call us, or fill in and submit the form below.


Have consultation for service and receive payment details.

(Consultation can be in-person or via E-mail/text message.) 


Begin receiving our service.

(For adjustments and sharing ad-hoc requests, contact us at any time.)


Feel free to give us feedback.

A Message From Our CEO

Hospitality service with a Japanese level of quality.

HerBEST's mission as a housekeeping and residence service company is to support business persons in Myanmar in maintaining a smooth and comfortable lifestyle. Each member of our staff is trained using the same methods I learned firsthand at Japan's most exclusive luxury resorts, to ensure that we can deliver uncompromising quality.

We are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction. At the same time, we are dedicated to our staff, committing our company to empowering women in Myanmar. Our women staff, through their employment with us, have, we think, real opportunities to pursue their potential, as Myanmar develops.

Yuriko Murakami

Contact Us





  • Is it ok to communicate in English?
    No problem at all. Please contact us in English
  • What time do housekeepers come home? Do I need to be there?
    You do not need to stay at home during session. We are aiming to finish housekeeping by the time you come back from work.(If you would like to be there, it is also possible)
  • Do the staffs change every session?
    We assign a full time manager for each customer, and checking the qualities. The cleaners might be changed depends on our resources.
  • Can I change the schedule?
    Sure, please do not hesitate to ask.
  • Do I need to prepare the cleaning tools?
    It is basically included in fee. No need to prepare the cleaning tools by yourself except vacuum cleaning and iron/iron table.

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