Want to share a room or a house where nobody has to do the cleaning?
HerBEST staff provide routine cleaning and restocking for shared areas like living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.
Individual room cleaning also available.

Make sharing easy by freeing everyone from the need to clean.

HerBEST provides a housekeeping service to give you peace of mind in a share house or room share situation, even if nobody likes cleaning.
Shared wet areas like toilets or kitchens are bound to get dirty. They are used every day, so naturally they need regular cleaning.

No matter how well you cooperate to clean those co-spaces in the beginning, before you know it there will only be a few people left doing everything.
You might intend to pitch in every now and again, but you’ll never please everyone.

So do away with your cleaning roster, and choose a house where nobody has to clean. With nobody worried about the cleaning, you’ll enjoy shared living so much more.

Housekeeping and restocking for shared areas like kitchens and bathrooms, and the owner’s bedroom

HerBEST offers cleaning services for shared areas that everyone uses, like wet areas (toilets/bathrooms and kitchens), and living rooms.
Never make another decision again about who pulls out the hair from the drain to prevent clogging, or puts out the trash.
We’ll also refill consumables such as toilet paper, tissues and detergent. Free yourself from worrying about who will clean and restock those areas that everyone uses, and instead, spend some time enjoying each other’s company. (And to make things easy, refilled items will be charged in a single monthly payment.)

We don’t just take care of shared areas, the share house owner’s room (single room) also gets a weekly housekeeping plus bed-making service.

That’s a huge 517 hour of cleaning per year. Things might not always go the way you want them to here in Yangon, so let us make things easier for you by supporting your living environment.

Optional add-on: Individual rooms (apart from shared spaces and owner’s room)

Add on individual rooms as an optional extra to the regular plan of shared areas plus owner’s room.

Individual rooms will have their floors and any wet areas cleaned, be tidied, and have beds made on a weekly basis, the same as the owner’s room. Let us support you by making your room comfortable to live in.

Extra rooms can be added for from 30 USD, and can be included in the rent as new members join the household.

We are a housekeeping service with over 400 households. And, we’ve got a 100% customer retention rate.

HerBEST is not just a dispatcher of maids; we’re the only company in Myanmar to provide housekeeping services.

With over 400 households under our care, we are confident in our ability to deliver consistent quality in management of cleaning, laundry, food and other daily necessities.

Our staff are employed by us, and trained by us in Japanese-grade service skills, which they carry out with great enthusiasm.

We aim to be a company you can really feel contributes to your future through our services.

How it works


Contact us by telephone or through our inquiry form.


Decide your level/type of service with a supervisor, then complete payment.

*We are happy to talk over the internet (by email or LINE, etc.) or in person.


Service provision.


Customer evaluation.


One-month trial plan


Trial a weekly 90-minute service monthly plan for 1 month.

Monthly Plan


    HerBEST offers cleaning services for shared areas that everyone uses, like wet areas (toilets/bathrooms and kitchens), and living rooms. Add on individual rooms as an optional extra (in addition to the owner’s room; from 30 USD per room).

  • Bed Room(1)
  • BathRoom+Toilet(2)
  • Kitchen(1)
  • LivingRoom(1)
  • other(Corridor etc)

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